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Romantic wedding at Chateau Mcely - Aneta & Tomáš

One of the most beautiful, emotional and romantic weddings I've ever photographed.

Fairytale wedding at Chateau Trebesice - Alenka & Honza

Late summer fairytale wedding at the charming Chateau Trebesice. This wedding was also featured on exclusive inspirational wedding blog The Wedding Chicks.

Big Indian wedding - Henal & Akash

An Indian wedding – it’s almost indescribable by words, you have to be there! Even now, when I look through the photos or watch the beautiful video shot by Olda Čulík (watch here), it gives me goose bumps. The abundance of colors, fragrances, traditions, more than 200 smiling people…

Wedding at the Heritage Le Telfair hotel in Mauritius - Baru & Tom

Luxurious resort, crystal clear sea, soft white sand… To photograph this wedding, I walked on the beach barefoot and couldn’t believe how lucky I was. This was the second time in a single year I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean to photograph the wedding day of two people.

Boho Brazilian wedding at Chateau Bon Repos - Katka & Gui

Katka and Gui are a very nice couple from Brazil who chose the charming Bon Repos chateau for their wedding venue. The wedding was in boho style, there were rugs, cactuses, cushions, brass chandeliers, many flowers, lights and a bedouin tent for the evening party.

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