A dreamy tale of love at Chateau Mcely | Aneta & Tomáš

 When love and elegance intertwine, magic happens, and that's exactly what unfolded during the beautiful summer wedding of the great hockey player Tomáš and his beautiful bride Aneta. Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Czech countryside, the magnificent Chateau Mcely provided the perfect backdrop for their fairytale celebration. As the lucky photographer entrusted with capturing their special day, I had the privilege of witnessing a love story that will be cherished forever.

Join me as I take you through the highlights of this romantic, luxurious affair.


Photographer: Dara Rakovcik Wedding planning: Lucie Holá Videography: Jägr video Flowers: Cool Flowers Stationary: Krasopiska Mua: Martina Knížová Location: Chateau Mcely