Nicole & Peter | Czech - Australian wedding in Prague

As I captured each moment of this elegant Czech-Australian wedding, I couldn't help but be swept away by the beauty of it all. Love knows no boundaries, and this wedding was a perfect example of how two people from different worlds can come together to create something truly magical. From the historic charm of Old Town Square to the modern celebrations at Letensky Castle, every element of this wedding was a reflection of the couple's unique journey and the love that brought them together.

As I reflect on this unforgettable day, I am reminded once again that love is a universal language that transcends cultures and distances. Nicole and Peter's wedding was not just a union of two individuals, but a celebration of the beauty that can emerge when two worlds collide in the most elegant and heartfelt way.


Photographer: Dara Rakovcik Wedding Agency: KSP Weddings Videography: Venue: Letenský Zámeček, Vrtbovská Zahrada