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Wedding at Villa Richter in Prague | Svatba ve Ville Richter v Praze - Iva a Martin


Already early in the morning, when I arrived at the bride’s wedding preparations, it was terribly hot. It was one of the hottest days of this summer. Iva was getting ready on the lovely premises of Villa Richter at the Prague Castle.

Wedding at Chateau Dobris | Svatba na zámku Dobříš a v Penzionu Nový Rybník - Lucka a Milan


I was looking forward to Lucka and Milan’s wedding since we had talked about it during their engagement photoshoot (here). Lucka got ready at her parents’ house, where the wonderful Monika Cabakova took care of her makeup. Then we drove to the Dobříš Chateau, where the ceremony took place, in the mirror hall.

Wedding in Bohemian Forest | Svatba na Šumavě - Katka a Milan


Just like most of the wedding guests, we arrived at the wedding venue location, the little village of Mlazovy in Bohemian Forest, the day before the wedding. It was Friday night and we were caught off guard as there wasn’t a single store in the village. A bit cautiously, we entered the only local pub and at a table we found the bride and the groom together with their friends and had a nice dinner together.

Croatia 2015 | Travelling with a Kid


This summer, we set off for our first seaside holiday with our little Tobi, who was just 1 year old at the time. We had decided to travel by car and so Croatia was our pick. We drove through the night and arrived in Split, our first stop, in the early morning hours. We went straight to have a look round the city which is quite small, but definitely has got its charm.
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