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Destination wedding in Belle Mare in Mauritius - Míša & Honza

Clear turquoise waters, white sand, palm trees… Mauritius is rightly called paradise on earth and Míša and Honza chose right this gorgeous destination for their wedding.
At first, it seemed I would not be able to photograph their wedding because we weren’t able to find a suitable date for all of us. But Míša and Honza really wanted me to be their photographer and so they cancelled their reservation and postponed their wedding by almost a month so that I could take part in their big day. Once again, thank you so much, I truly appreciate it and writing these lines, I feel touched again. And also, thank you very much for all your care during your wedding day, the wonderful lunch with you and simply the whole day which was splendid… romantic, free and easy and most of all… it was just about the two of you. 

Wedding agency: Modrý Mauricius Location: Friday Attitude

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