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Lago Di Garda + Burano 2016 | Travelling with a kid

We made this trip already a year ago, but I got to write my blog only today. However, I knew all this time I had to write this piece for you. Mainly for those of you who travel with kids or would like to go somewhere, Lake Garda is the perfect destination.
Italians love children and so you will be welcome everywhere you come, from accommodation to restaurants. Everyone will do their best so that you feel great and provide you and your kids with all you need. Before showing you all the places we visited, I simply have to introduce our accommodation: Agriturismo Bosco Del Gal. A family run business, 10-minute drive from the lake, where you will feel like at home and every time you remember the owners it will put a smile on your face.
A little town situated right by the lake, surrounded by ancient walls. It has a beautiful promenade and its streets are packed with restaurants and cafés.
This town lies on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. It has beautiful, winding streets full of cafés and restaurants, a small port and a promenade. The dominant of the town is a castle with a terrace offering a beautiful view of the lake.
I had visited Venice already seven years ago and it was love at first sight. This time, however, Venice was just the point of departure to the island of Burano which I had wished to visit for a long time.
Indescribable experience, a colorful island where you are enthusiastic about all the beauty around and you think it can’t get any better… and then you turn round the corner and you remain with your mouth open once again and feel like in another world.
One day, we decided to explore the west shore of the lake. It is interesting how the weather is changeable there. Clouds switched with the sun and we even got some rain. Our first stop was the sleepy town of Salo to where we drove down winding roads. However, we didn’t stay long, we had an Italian gelato and continued on our way.
Another typical town on the shore of the lake with a long promenade lined with restaurants and cafés, a beautiful view of the lake and limpid water. Tobík was absolutely enthusiastic about the water and he didn’t care at all that it was so cold. Above all, there were pebbles in it which were so great to play with. And I could enjoy my Aperol in peace.
Those of you, who decide to visit the lake, must go to this town. It is absolutely charming. Plain streets which are decorated by beautiful street name signs with depicted lemons on them. Soon, you’ll understand where this town got its name from. Lemons are everywhere. I recommend buying some lemon pasta in one of the small stores as a souvenir. When cooking it, your kitchen will smell of lemons. And of course, limoncello, the traditional Italian liqueur.
On our way back to the hotel from Limone, we shortly stopped in the town of Garda where we had a wonderful dinner on the promenade and enjoyed a romantic sunset.
The last stop on our way home was Sirmione, a town which everyone who goes to the lake must visit. It is located on the southern shore of the lake and you enter the historical center through the city walls. You may also visit the thermal spa or have the biggest ice-cream I have ever seen. Before leaving home, we watched a beautiful sunset and then we set off on our 8-hour drive back to Prague.
Photographed on Fujifilm X-T10 with Fujinon 23mm1.4+56mm1.2 and Fujifilm x100t
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