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Wedding at Petrin Restaurant Terrace - Andrea and Tobbe | Petřínské terasy - svatba primabaleríny Andrejky a Tobbeho

Andrejka is the most delicate person I know but at the same time, there is a fantastic strength hidden inside. No wonder, she is one of the most successful prima ballerinas in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. She has travelled the world with her ballet but she found her love in Stockholm.

Wedding at Chateau St. Havel in Prague | Svatba na Chateau St. Havel - Aneta a Tomáš

Untraditionally, Tomáš and Aneta’s wedding took place on Wednesday. Tomáš is a football player and therefore, it wasn’t easy to find a suitable Saturday which would not collide with any training sessions or matches. For their big day the couple picked Chateau St Havel in Prague and celebrated only with their closest family and friends.

Lago Di Garda + Burano 2016 | Travelling with a kid

We made this trip already a year ago, but I got to write my blog only today. However, I knew all this time I had to write this piece for you. Mainly for those of you who travel with kids or would like to go somewhere, Lake Garda is the perfect destination.
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